Why Shop With Us?

Why shop with us as opposed to any old online retailer?


Here at The CBD Specialist, we are a father-son business that takes great pride in the job we do. We aim to offer our customers the best service we can.

 As those of you that have ordered online may know, buying your CBD isn't always as straight forward as it seems. With so many options to choose from, how should you know

what method of consumption is best for you or even what strength you should start on? For a newcomer into the world of CBD, these can be tough to figure out. However, this is where we come into play. Either by popping into store or getting in contact with us via phone or email, we can use our knowledge to help guide you to make these decisions.

In addition to the huge variation of product types, some of these products aren't as effective as others. With us both using CBD as apart of our daily routines, we know how important it is to have a product you can trust. For this reason, we search for and stock products that we would/do use ourselves. For example, Orange County CBD are a brand that make up a large chunk of our stock despite there being so many different options we could go with. This is because Orange County have received fantastic reviews from our customers and theirs, as well as them being fully transparent on their operating processes. These are both important to us as we can rest easy knowing the product we're supplying is both safe and effective.

For that extra assurance, know that we send lab reports for all of our products to our bank to ensure they meet the UK legislation standards.

 The product isn't the only important aspect of our business though, since many people that come through our doors aren't overly confident on what CBD really is, we have a personal goal of ensuring that all of our customers have some form of knowledge on what they're buying, how to use it in the most cost-effective manner and what to expect.

 In addition to this, we can do checks instore for any interactions that medication you're currently using may have with CBD. Not many are aware that some medications have

interactions with CBD. To do this yourself, follow these steps:


  1. Go to "https://www.drugs.com/interaction/list/?drug_list="
  2. In the search bar, input 'cannabidiol' (CBD) and then any medications you would like to check it against.
  3. Press 'Check for interactions' and read away...


If you're local to Macclesfield, we offer FREE local delivery or orders for collection through our website "www.thecbdspecialist.co.uk". If you're further afield, we also offer signed and tracked postal nationwide.

Alternatively, drop into the store for a chat and see how we can assist you on your CBD journey.