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Girl Scout Cookies 1500mg Broad Spectrum

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Orange County CBDs Girl Scout Cookies has won them a slew of awards from the biggest names in the CBD industry. Of all the products we offer, from edibles to oils, it’s our E-liquids that have carried us to some of our greatest successes.

Their Girl Scout Cookies CBD E-liquid is the star of this show, the headline of their Cali range and one of our most popular products to date. It was this fantastic blend of cookies and classic flavour that won them the esteemed Product of the Year at the 2020 Cannavist Awards. Coming in both 1500mg and 2500mg concentrations, Girl Scout Cookies provides a respectable dose of multi-award-winning broad-spectrum CBD whatever way you like it. Although it’s entirely THC free, Girl Scout Cookies still contains a range of naturally occurring cannabidiols alongside CBD, giving you an unimpeded entourage effect without the drawbacks of THC.

Orange County CBD comes from their certified farms in the United States. They extract their cannabidiols using a high-tech non-solvent method, letting us provide you with the best quality CBD free from GMO strains and pesticides.

As the star of the Cali Range, Girl Scout Cookies also includes a series of terpenes extracted alongside the CBD. These naturally occurring compounds add an authentic, earthy smell and taste to the E-liquid, giving a base for the cookie flavourings to work with. The end result is a sweet, dessert-style E-liquid with enough depth of flavour to earn its prestigious status.


Anyone with previous vaping experience will find Girl Scout Cookies CBD E-liquid as easy to enjoy as any other E-liquid. CBD E-liquids in general don’t require extra steps to be used, just fill up your tank and get vaping.

Although it is compatible with a wide range of devices, the 60:40 ratio of VG:PG in Girl Scout Cookies makes it perfect for sub-ohm vapes. If you’ve got the right hardware you’ll be able to enjoy this award-winning flavour in even more intensity and even bigger clouds.

Dosing CBD E-liquids is a little trickier than other CBD methods, as so much goes into determining how much E-liquid you inhale with every vape. With that in mind we encourage you to keep track of how much E-liquid you’ve vaped in a single day to make sure you get the perfect amount.


Broad Spectrum hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) 1500mg per 50ml, Vegetable Glycerine (60%), Mono-Propylene Glycol (40%), Flavourings, Terpenes.

Broad Spectrum hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) 2500mg per 50ml, Vegetable Glycerine (60%), Mono-Propylene Glycol (40%), Flavourings, Terpenes.


Orange county is dedicated to ensuring the continued quality of their products, including the most successful ones. They carry out consistent tests on products in GMP certified labs, making sure they meet both their stringent standards and UK legal requirements. To see the certificate of analysis for your particular bottle of Girl Scout Cookies CBD E-liquid, just scan the QR code on the labelling.

All the products we stock contain less than the legal limit of THC or none at all meaning they are fully compliant with UK laws.